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We treat each puppy as an individual and help you achieve your training goals.

Beau’s Puppy School is a must for all owners seeking to provide their puppy the very best start in life and the opportunity to grow into a well-behaved and sociable dog.

A 5-week course that covers a mix of theory and practice, and provides essential exercises to undertake between classes. Your puppy will learn not only how to socialize, behave, play, respond to basic commands and walk on the leash, but our course also approaches “challenging behaviours” of your puppy, such as anxiety separation, digging and biting. Besides, grooming, nutrition, dental care, and much more.

Why Beau’s Puppy School?

Raising a puppy is an adventure and may seem tricky at times, but with Beau’s dog trainers’ knowledge and effective strategies, you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Beau’s Puppy School classes were designed carefully to cover all topics crucial to your puppy development at different stages and help you to understand what you can expect of your pup along the way.

At Beau’s Puppy School, we will set you and your puppy up for a successful and bonded life together!

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Is my puppy able to attend?

If your new puppy is between 8 and 16 weeks old and had their first vaccination, your puppy is more than welcome to join Beau’s Puppy School!

What my puppy will learn?

  • Introduction to socialisation & strategies for success
  • Healthcare, including vaccinations, worming, desexing, nutrition & dental care
  • Toilet training
  • Basic training & introduction to positive reinforcement training
  • Leash walking
  • Challenging behaviour (barking, biting, jumping & digging)
  • Grooming
  • Enrichment tips & tricks
  • Leash walking & walking restraints
  • Tips and tricks to help any other challenges you may be facing

Where are the classes going to take place?

At Beau's Pet Hotel indoor facilities - 1 Navaid Rd, Adelaide Airport - SA, 5950

What is the duration of the course?

One hour class over 5 weeks | Evenings - 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

How much Beau's Puppy School will cost me?

The investment for Beau's Puppy School is $ 150. All profits from Beau’s Pet Hotel are directed back to Guide Dogs SA/NT, so when you book your pup for Puppy School or any other Beau’s service, you are helping to provide more services to South Australians living with disability.

For other questions, please check our Puppy School FAQ

Get on track early, before you have puproblems!

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