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Pamper your pet at Beau's Pet Hotel's luxurious grooming salon 

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Grooming Products

Bath & Dry

Bath, Blow Dry, Quick Brush, Nail Trim and Ear Clean

         Small Dog                    Medium Dog                   
Short Hair    Long Hair    Short Hair    Long Hair   

      $41            $51              $51              $61             


          Large Dog                Extra-large Dog

Short Hair    Long Hair    Short Hair    Long Hair

    $70               $80              $85*            $100*

Bath, Dry & Tidy

Bath, Blow Dry, Brush, Hygiene Clip (belly, bottom and armpits), Feet & Face trim, Nail Trim and Ears Cleaned

   Small Dog                Medium Dog             Large Dog             
Short & Long Hair    Short & Long Hair    Short & Long Hair    
         $66                           $80                         $95                            

Extra-large Dog

Short & Long Hair


Full Groom

Bath, Blow Dry, Hygiene Clip, Full Body Clip All Over, Nail Trim and Ears Cleaned

Small Dog                   Medium Dog              Large Dog            
Short & Long Hair    Short & Long Hair    Short & Long Hair    
       $80                             $92                          $107                         

  Extra-large Dog

Short & Long Hair


Additional Charges

Nail Clipping $15 

Extra time: (Attachment comb, scissor clip, Excess Coat, Desensitisation) $10

Matting Removal, Excess Coat 

Small Dog    Medium Dog    Large Dog    Extra-large Dog
     $20                $30                 $40                $50*

Sensitive Shampoo

We understand some dogs have sensitive skin and some shampoos can be sensitive! So make sure you let us know and we will use a shampoo that is gentle on skin.    $10

Flea Wash Treatment

If there are issues with fleas we will immediately treat your pet with our flea treatment so your dog can go home flea free!    $10

Dog Care for Guests not Boarding

Grooming guests that are not collected by appointment end time may incur a fee. Please check with customer service.    POA

About Our Services

•    Grooming services are available to all doggy friends in need of pampering, including Boarding guests.
•    Grooming services are available by appointment only, depending on services requested. 
•    All of our Grooming services include a brush and warm bubble bath with massages and cuddles using high quality shampoo and conditioner.
•    All of our Grooming services include a hand dry in our specially designed drying room.
•    All of our Grooming team members are experienced groomers and dog handlers using state-of-the-art purpose built Grooming facilities.
•    We cater for skin conditions and have a gentle shampoo available. All guests are most welcome to bring along their own medicated shampoo.
•    We do provide a range of breed clipping, but please be sure to check with our customer service team before booking in.

Hotel Grooming Customers

Dogs staying at Beau’s Pet Hotel and with an appointment at the groomers will have their treatment towards the end of their stay or as alternatively arranged.

Grooming Guests not in Boarding 

Dogs who are not staying at the hotel can be booked into Grooming for a treatment. Appointment times can be arranged via our friendly customer service team.

Managing your Booking

Please schedule your appointment today by:
•    Contacting our customer service team on (08) 8115 6080 or
•    Visit our website to make an enquiry

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