Cat Boarding

We know that cats can be a little precious about their living arrangements and require absolute purrrfection.  That's why Beau's Pet Hotel offers two types of climate-controlled, spacious, clean, and comfortable cat accommodation – Loft and Penthouse condos.

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Loft Condos offer a private litter box and secluded sleeping area with soothing music to ensure your special feline enjoys cozy comfort and privacy.
Penthouse Condos offers two-storey accommodation, providing your distinguished kitty with plenty of room to stretch out and explore their home-away-from-home.

Cat Boarding Beau's Pet Hotel

Playtime at the Cat Atrium

Beau's cat condos are designed to provide a clean and comfortable space for kittens and cats. Our indoor Cat Atrium offers lots of natural light, a fun climbing wall, a soothing water feature, and a big screen TV for the kitties that like to channel surf. 

Cat Atrium Beau's Pet Hotel

Special attention and ultimate comfort

While some cats prefer privacy and seclusion, we know that there are others that are more outgoing and want to explore their surroundings. Our expert staff monitor each individual cat closely to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable. 

The suites are serviced twice daily and all cats are fed twice a day by our team of dedicated cat lovers. What more could you want for your beloved fur baby!


Your kitty is safe and secure with us

At Beau's Pet Hotel we understand it is important for you to feel trust and confidence in how we care for your cat. We know that staying away from home needs to be as stress-free as possible, and we are focused on ensuring your kitty is relaxed. Our cat accommodation is safe, highly secure, and completely protected from natural events like bushfires, heat or cold. 

To make it convenient for you to drop off and pick up your beloved feline, Beau's is located next to Harbour Town and the Adelaide Airport in South Australia. 

Virtual view of Cat Boarding



Beau's Pet Hotel would like to thank Jacqueline Phan, Renee Diprose, Aiden Smith, and Jordana Mansfield for producing this amazing video for us.